Q&A with Arti Gogna

As the summer wedding season is coming at a high pace, we introduce you to Arti Gogna, one of the youngest selling dress designer of Montreal who we met in last February at the Thé à la Mode. She is sharing about her inspirations, her future projects and much more.

BHLB : Why did you decide to specialize yourself in the dress design?

Arti Gogna (AG): When I first started to design, the demand for dresses was much more higher. Girls had really difficult time searching for the good dress that would be appropriate for them and that would define perfectly their curves. Dresses for special events where unfortunately the hardest to find, so I decided to offer more possibilities to women by designing uncommon dresses that would fit their needs.

BHLB : How can you define your brand?

AG: It’s about being a confident woman. By wearing my designs women are sexy, but they look smart too! My brand is the passion women have by living their life and enjoy it.

Arti Gogna Spring summer 2015
BHLB : Are you planning to export your dresses aboard?

AG: Yes, I am working with a team in Toronto on this project.

BHLB : What made you decide entering the design world?

AG: I always have been passionate about fashion. When I was a little girl I used to sew my Barbie’s outfit… I guess it has always been in my heart!

BHLB : Did you enjoy presenting your new collection at the Auberge Saint-Antoine during the Thé à la Mode?

AG: Yes, I really had a great experience! I enjoyed working with Olivier and Lara from BHLB, they were extremely professional and accommodating.

Arti Gogna Spring Summer 2015
BHLB : What is your greatest accomplishment related to your profession?

AG: My greatest accomplishment is to be consistent and to keep going.

BHLB : What are your inspirations?

AG: It would be to create a living of what I am doing and to be able to support my family with it one day.

BHLB : What are your next project?

AG: I would like to open a store in the next two years.


You can discover Arti’s dresses at artigogna.com where she recently added 18 new styles of dresses for spring/summer 2015 (again, just in time for wedding season if you are still struggling with your outfit game) Also, don’t forget to visit her Instagram and her Tumblr to glam up your feeds.